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What kind of developer am I?


Who am I and what do I do?

  • Trained IT-Specialist for Game- and Multimedia-Development
  • Currently studying Informatics (M.Sc.)
Pavel Weber

What kind of person am I?



Back in 2012 after I finished my training as IT-Specialist I had some spare time until the start of my studies in Media Informatics — so I decided to learn Java on my own. Up until then I had learned the basics of ActionScript, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and C#.

To learn a new programming language, you have to implement something with it. And for that purpose what could possibly be better than a turn-based strategy game? (In hindsight, a lot ^^)

So I dealt with hexagonal tile maps and pathfinding algorithms. I began with plain Java and the Slick2D library, eventually switched to LibGDX though. Later I experimented with a 3D variant in Unity and even built my own editor application for creating and saving custom battle fields.

I sure learned a whole bunch, most of all that the scope of the aspired project was way too big for just one person. However, I terminated the project with a running prototype of AI-controlled competitors battling each other in a free-for-all match on the hex grid. You can see them in action in the video below.


Here I want to show selected works I made within the dozen semesters I studied. Aside from written works there have arisen several practical assignments in various classes. Not all of them I find worth to mention... However, I will gladly enumerate all special subjects I have chosen along with some keywords.

"Storm Heroes in Ink"

This is a series of drawings I began in 2016. Made with pencil and ink pen on some sort of light cartboard, I gave them to friends as birthday presents. The characters are all from the Blizzard universe — more specifically, from the Heroes of the Storm franchise.


The first time I came in touch with wood-burning art was back in 2010 when I was a soldier. I had the honor to make a large crest which then was set up in front of our company building.

Since then I tremendously improved my technique with each artwork. Apart from burning unique motives into the wood, I saw the pieces into custom shapes, sand the edges, and apply colored varnishes/glazes.

Beer Wedding
Halo Couple
Sheriff Beaverskull
Siberian Tigress
Alliance Lion
Counter Bears
Sailor Saturn
Mc Cree
Mjolnir Pendant
Violin Casket
Breaking Bad
Fiery Butterfly
Isaac Emblem
Exceed Cats
Flower Cat
Diablo Table


In the very heart of Norway lies the land of the giants, Jotunheimen. My best friend and I took on the challenge and conquered rugged rocks, permanent drizzle, a bare minimum of civilization, and freezing cold nights in the tent.

Despite the harsh conditions it was one of the most valuable experiences in our lives!


For the next trip I went to the Austrian alps with another friend of mine. The landscape was amazing yet in places just as craggy as Jotunheimen's. The paths often were crowded with modern highwaymen: cows.

Unfortunately, I had to end my tour already at the end of the third day — due to a knee injury.

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